About Newmax

Brife introduction

Newmax technology was established August, 1999, mainly devoted in various types optics application product needs the optical lens and the optics mirror prime design, the research and development, the manufacture and the marketing.
The company establishes for 10 years, under Chairman Mr. Liang Qitai and General Manager Mr. Zheng Shengquan leads, auxiliary by the outstanding management team, the conformity resources and leads the company to reform, concentrates research and development in the Optical Technology, promotes enterprise’s competitive power positively and provides the customer higher value added.
Newmax Technology Co., LTD.

Newmax technology development strategy

1st – research and development strategy

Promotes the research and development designed capacity unceasingly, raises researches and develops the talented person, to innovate continually outstandingly the development competitive power product.

2nd – marketing strategy

The internationalization development strategy, strives for with the world-known brand big plant cooperation, positive and the customer establishment long-term cooperation, provides the higher quality service quality and the product.

3rd – production strategy

The promotion product precision, establishment automation productivity, improves the production process, the strict control cost unceasingly continually.